The catalyst and purpose of VQ Score


After working with over 2,000 software and technology companies of every size and at every stage … the most common and persisting challenge has been their inability and unwillingness to prioritize; (a) better understanding and (b) clearly communicating the differentiated value of their solutions / innovations.

Just small adjustments, have quickly resulted in significant and measurable improvements.

  1. shorter sales cycles / higher conversion rates

  2. increased net-new revenue

  3. reduced revenue churn

  4. increased revenue expansion

  5. higher ACV’s and ASP’s

  6. accelerated ROI and ROV

  7. improved team alignment and morale

  8. and many other critical business metrics

Generating your VQ Score is simultaneously creating a hypothesis of how best to quantify your value … and thus accelerating your ability to more effectively validate and fine-tune that value.



Technology company founders and leaders are faced with the seemingly unending complexity of details necessary to fully understand the value of their innovations.

It is the uncertainty of how best to work through the full scope of these complexities … that find them embracing (distracted by) other competing priorities and delaying progress toward improved Value Clarity.

They fail to accurately attribute long sales cycles, lost deals, low conversions, less revenue growth and increased churn … to the lack of value clarity they achieve … and therefore are not fully aware that they do not effectively communicate their solutions’ differentiated value to prospects, customers and partners (as well as internally to team members or investors).  



VQ Score makes it easy to accelerate Value Clarity so that innovators do not delay (or miss) the path to achieving the best financial return on the value their solutions deliver to customers.

In less than 15-minutes, CEO’s, founders, product marketers and sales/marketing leaders can generate their VQ Score to more efficiently and effectively understand, validate, prioritize, communicate and deliver their Most Compelling Value (MCV).


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