VQ - Step 2

List your TOP 5 Capabilities

Quick Context

This step is all about understanding how your innovation most enables your customers to achieve their top priorities.

Yes, there may be a multitude of ways you do this today or will in the future … but VQ Score forces you to be productive by focusing on your most meaningful capabilities.

What is a Capability?

A capability is a product, feature, service, module or solution that you enable for your customers ... to help them achieve their priorities, goals and objectives.

Depending on what stage your company (innovation) is at, you may be working from the perspective of a hypothesis around what you think your TOP 5 Capabilities are and/or will be.

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Step 2 Guide

Now, with the TOP 2 Priorities you selected in Step 1 in mind, list the TOP 5 Capabilities that enable your customers to achieve those TOP 2 Priorities.

1. The TOP 2 Priorities you selected are easy to reference here.

VQ Score - Step 2 Tip


2. Simply begin listing your TOP 5 Capabilities.

  • The capabilities you list do *not* need to be listed in any particular order.

  • Simply list those that come to mind, you can always modify later.

  • Really, do *not* get bogged down trying to be perfect, consider it a first-pass.

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3. After you have listed all 5 capabilities, click "Next"


VQ Score - Use Cases

The capabilities you list may depend on one or more of the following scenarios, aka: use cases.

V-Now (current state)

Of all the capabilities currently available to customers, list the TOP 5 that help customers achieve the priorities you selected in Step 1.

V-Next (within next 6-months or less)

In this use-case, you are focusing on what you will be launching within the next 6-months. This helps your get aligned and best prepare for a successful launch.

V-Future (vision for 6+ months out)

Just like V-Next, but in this use-case you are looking 6+ months into the future.

V-Combo (combination of V-Now, V-Next, V-Future)

As you may suspect, in this use-case your TOP 5 Capabilities includes a combination of capabilities to generate a VQ Score for scenarios you believe relevant to evaluate and understand.

  • Start-Up : may have less than 5 capabilities currently, but important to include where they think they are going (as far as they know at this time.

  • Most Enabling Capabilities : Company has many capabilities, but those that most enable customers to achieve their priorities are a combination of what they have available today and what they will be launching within 6-months and/or 6+ months out.

  • Roadmap Bets : Some companies currently do not have capabilities that credibly enable customers to achieve their priorities in a differentiated way … but they believe they do on their roadmap (e.g., pre-launch, pre-beta).

Specific Opportunity (deal or prospect)

This is a very common use-case for companies with custom are large-deals in their pipeline. They use VQ Score to more efficiently and effectively frame the value impact and value timing of their proposal or offer.

In fact, many buyers of technology are now asking sellers to generate a VQ Score to best help the buyer evaluate the offer, technology, ROI and de-risk the decision.

By Segment, Persona, Industry

For many technology innovators / sellers … the most relevant assortment of capabilities may differ by Segment, Persona or Industry … and thus, increased clarity and confidence is achieved by generating different VQ Scores to inform understanding accordingly.

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